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Fossil's ceo examines q3 http://www.rajpauljewellers.co.uk/burberry-women.html 2011 results http://www.rajpauljewellers.co.uk/

You are introducing the fossil, corporation.Q3 earnings business call on 8 november, 2011.Throughout today's web meeting all participants will be in a listen only mode.After the presentation there will be a way to ask questions. (Commands)Prior we begin, you probably know that during this conference call certain discussions will contain forward looking information.Actual results could differ materially from those that'll be projected during these discussions.Fossil's policy on forward looking statements and traveler concerning a number of factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from such statements is readily http://www.rajpauljewellers.co.uk/burberry-men/burberry-shoes.html available on our form 10 k and 10 q reports filed with the sec.Besides, fossil undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward looking statements whether resulting from new information, future events or elsewhere.If any non gaap financial is through used on this call, a presentation of the most directly comparable gaap financial measure and getting back together of this gaap financial measure to gaap will be provided as supplemental financial information through this release under the earnings release section, inside the given about section on fossil's website.Please note that you may listen to a live webcast or a replay of this call by visiting fossil's website and then clicking on the about us section on the foot of the home page and then on investor relations.And, google!Has had certain glitches today posting our earnings release.You may also find our website for the third quarter on our investor relations section of our website.These days, i need to turn the call over to fossil's chairman and ceo,Kosta kartsotis.Kosta?Kudos, allison.Good day, many people, and great joining us.With us today to discuss our third quarter email address details are mike kovar, individual cfo;And thus jennifer pritchard, our ceo of retail.Mark quick is in new york today and not on the video call.We are pleased to report third quarter results that achieved our sales targets and exceeded our earnings needs.We still report broad based and consistent growth across all of our brands and geographies.Altogether, net sales rose issues 23%, 18% in constant electronic form of digital digital money, topping a 40% sales increase last year.Across all channels and in ongoing dollars, the united states was up 16%, countries in nations was up 21%, and south east tibet was up 19%.In okazaki, japan, our emphasis is normally on growing our focus areas of china and korea which rose 72% and 51% respectively.Basically, when you exclude japan and also sydney and india, where strategic decisions impacted near future results, the asia city was up 53%.We are happy with the ongoing progress of our two core businesses.Full fossil brand and our multi brand watch business.Growth from both of these lenders fueled our 18.5% sprinting margin, Beating our dimensions plans.We think shows that the strong type of margins the company can achieve, even though we are increasing our strategy of investment to support future growth and observing higher production cost.The fossil brand was up 14% which quarter, with looks after up 13% and leathers up 28%.You may already know, we have been specializing in building fossil into an accessories based global lifestyle brand.As of late, we can communicate a unique point of view and an american vintage inspired brand through our web stores and catalog.This is resonating with customers across the country and presenting us with a significant long term opportunity.In the last few years our strategy has been to increase customer awareness and their engagement in the brand through product, artwork, and an engaging experience at the aim of sale.We have improved in storytelling and have moved towards more iconic and also platforms that have improved our visual presentation and our brand clarity.We have a lot of possibility to make the brand even stronger as we become even more global.Our brand is clearly more aspirational but sill acceptable and based on value.We have seen our customers respond very favorably to higher price point merchandize that has even more detail and genuineness.Our stores are doing well around the world and we feel we are in the early innings of a rather large multi year opportunity.As to our multi brand watch professional, sales were up 20% in which quarter, into addition to last year's q3 increase of 49%.We saw significant increases across all our brands and geographies as our global platform provided compelling lifestyle branded watches to our customers all over the world.The growth in q3 was led by an 87% take up marc by marc, a 62% gain in armani switch, a 43% improvement in michael kors, a 34% increase in burberry, and a 32% embrace diesel.Michael kors continues on a strong growth track with a 31% increase in nova scotia.And a hostile roll out in europe that resulted in an 89% sales increase in that region.This brand remains on track to achieve somewhere around $300 million in sales this year, which is improve of $110 million over last year.And our emporio armani company, which is then its 15th year, had a 27% increase and along with ax, this brand may also be approaching $300 million for the year.The ongoing and long term chance of all of these brands is significant, especially considering our growing distribution in asia.We are also pleased to be practicing with karl lagerfeld to develop our watch business under the karl brand.This would be a great project for us given that karl lagerfeld is a unique globally known fashion icon with a unique viewpoint.The line will be launched through our global handing them out network in early 2013 and will be in the $250 average price point.This is a great addition to our global business.While we are seeing increase in growth solutions in north america and europe across all our watch brands, asia remains the largest chance of us over the next five to ten years.While the actual quarter's performance was impacted by unusual events, we are making great progress towards our goal of a billion dollars in forex, or roughly three times what we is going to do this year.As we have listed, we are aggressively building infrastructure and recruiting talent in the region to assist us in achieving this goal and we believe these efforts can lead to an accelerated growth over the next several years.We have added a number of key management and other employees this year and are very pleased with the progress begin made in all the japan.Our feature is focused on expanding our concessions model across key markets.Korea, china and asia.While exploring opportunity to further advance the fossil brand and to introduce our watch station concept across the region.Afterwards of q3, we operated 205 credits in the asia region, a net increase of 62 locations over recent times.We believe that over the next five years we can grow this number very quite.And the generating of our existing concession model has been extremely encouraging, causing a year to date sales increase of 95% and a year to date comp increase of 31%.These concessions are a large chance of the company and that they allow us to control the brand presentation and customer experience at the point of sale and capture the full retail price.They in addition have a higher operating income percentage and a higher return on capital.In summary, we would say that we are pleased with the performance for the quarter and are expecting to continue the momentum into the fourth quarter and the many years.As we have now said on recent calls, we feel both of our core businesses reach their tipping points and can be much larger then we previously thought.Considering our business http://www.rajpauljewellers.co.uk/burberry-men/burberry-sweaters.html structure and our brands, our balance sheet and our income, we feel we are in a great position and have a unique gamble in front of us.We have a clear road map ahead of us and are focused on improving at every level and in every area of the company.And now i will turn the call over to mike for additional information. Bless you,Kosta.I will start of briefly by touching on our third quarter 2011 versus 2010 results from this morning's news release.Net sales boosted 22.7% while gross income rose 20.3%.Undertaking income increased 6.8% while net income due to Fossil Inc.Concentrated by 2.1%, And diluted earnings per share matured by 9%.The sales mix breakdown for the third quarter as compared to the prior year level, saw europe and asia wholesale sales increasing quicker than north america while our direct to consumer business held steady at 22.6% of generally sales mix.And excluding a staggering $1 million from favorable currency comparisons, canada and america wholesale sales increased by 15.4%.Sales from our europe wholesale functions increased by $41 million or 30.1% inside $178 million, Excluding currency that favorably impacted sales by $13 million inside quarter, Europe inexpensive sales grew by 20.5%.And sales in our asia wholesale surgeries increased by $18 million or 29.1% with regard regarding $79 million.Without digital foreign remuneration, sales increased $5 million and grew or not having the currency of $5 million favorable, asia at wholesale prices sales grew by 20.5%.Sales from our direct to consumer organisations and people increased by $27.2 million or 23% to $145 million and excluding currency that confidently impacted sales by $3.9 million.Direct to consumer sales boosted by 19.7%.Constant dollar comps in our retailers maintained their strong double digit performance, emanating at 14.1% in the Q3, Well informed about a 19.9% popularity of the prior year quarter.This represents the eighth sequential double digit quarterly increase and the 14th sequential quarter of positive comps.Internationally, we ended q3 with 379 stores and fully engaged 669, 000 sq.Ft.Compared to 630, 000 sq.Ft.At the end of q3 2010, a rise of 6.2%.This included 236 a high price accessory stores, 134 of which were outside of america;100 outlet locations including 25 outside of europe;32 ending stores, Including four outside of nova scotia;And 11 full price multi brand stores including 10 outside of america.This over 358 stores at the end of the prior year quarter, including 226 full price accessory stores, 123 of those located outside of america;91 means, Including 20 outside of the us;31 clothing stores with 3 outside of united states;And 10 full price multi brand watch stores including 9 outside of canada and america.

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