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ralph lauren women polo likely cause of the accident

Girlfriend of tragic young lawyer pays sad tribute

They were enroute to mount everest when the tragedy happened.All 19 travellers and crew were killed in the accident, which was yesterday evening being blamed on pilot error.

Yesterday stephanie who fell fond of ben while they were at oxford university told how it had always been his dream to visit the world's highest mountain and trek polo deals through the himalayas.

On the mirror/ steve bainbridge

Letter compiled by stephanie illingworth the girlfriend of ben ogden

And he or she said the pair, who lived in conjunction in finsbury park, north the united kingdom, planned to embark on an exhilarating new life together when he got home.In a moving letter passed toward sunday mirror, masteral stephanie wrote: "My beloved ben ogden was enjoying a that ever happened to me.

"We met at freshers' week at oxford university or eight years Ralph Lauren Match Polo ago and have been inseparable ever since until he was cruelly taken away from me yesterday.

"He died doing what he really enjoyed, which was walking on the world, and he had always aspired to go to everest.

"He had just been put on the law register as a lawyer and i was so very proud of him.He appeared to be my soulmate, my mate, my all the pieces.

"We were checking out get married, have a as well as grow old together and i was so lucky to have him in my life he was perfect.My whole life has now been turned ugly, because all our plans were of our lifetimes together.Anyone who met him fell gets interested him and he touched so many lives.I only want to thank everyone for their messages.They might have meant the world to ben,

Other britons killed in the accident concerned raymond eagle, 58, regarding macclesfield, cheshire, and captain christopher davey, 51, such Ralph Lauren T-Shirts as northhampton.

Mr holding's wife maggie said yesterday: "Steve always loved being out in the wild.

"He had done a lot of work with peak pursuits taking childhood on duke of edinburgh activities, last night two uk air accident detectives were due in nepal to help investigate the crash.

Initial reports suggested the plane had hit a large bird like a vulture but pilot error or a malfunction are investigated.

Suresh acharya, of nepal's flight handling ministry, said yesterday evening: "The pilot's failure to maintain necessary radius is a ralph lauren women polo likely cause of the accident,

He said the plane turned too sharply since it had not gained enough altitude.Video clip showed its front section ablaze as it crashed in a fireball onto a nearby football pitch.

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