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Shakeel afridi's they're competent to fox opens pandora's box

Peshawar:The alleged interview of american news channel fox news with dr shakeel afridi in the peshawar central jail has opened a pandora's box as he has been quoted as saying that pakistan's premier intelligence agency considered in america as its worst enemy.

As well as, dr afridi has been reported as on the grounds that he was unaware of his role in the killing of al qaeda's founder osama bin laden by the us special forces in abbottabad last year.

A high ranking fed lawmakers official, when approached by this reporter, announced,"Totally incorrect, as is expected with fox news,

Pleading privacy, he argued no one could speak to prisoners by phone after the federal government installed jammers inside the peshawar jail.

The job interview with dr afridi, mostly based on allegations levelled against the inter services learning ability(Isi)For its alleged links with militant groups instead of the us, was widely quoted by many western media establishments.

The khyber pakhtunkhwa government after remaining silent the whole day issued a statement late tuesday evening to deny the job interview with dr afridi, who was convicted on charges of maintaining links with the militants groups in khyber agency by a court of the political obama administration and sentenced to 33 years imprisonment.

First, he was accused of running a fake hepatitis b vaccination campaign in abbottabad to help the cia hunt down osama bin laden in 2011.But yet, he wasn't tried on this charge or fundamental crunch as an informer for the cia.

As no denial came from the provincial government or other quarter till tuesday evening.Many people thought that fox news could have possibly interviewed the convicted physician.

The journalists daily made several attempts to approach the spokesman for the anp led provincial government and provincial information minister, mian iftikhar hussain, and other senior government officials about the alleged interview but unanimously avoided comments.

The home and tribal affairs system, khyber pakhtunkhwa later issued a statement and that too when journalists repeatedly approached a high ranking government official about an interview.It referred to: "It is clarified that the most sensitive convicted prisoner dr shakeel afridi confined in the peshawar central jail is beyond the access of media and is safe from other inmates of the jail.The article will depend on poor fallacy with no proof as it is ambiguous and did not indicate whether it was a video or audio interview.

The statement said before allowing someone to meet any prisoner in the jail they collect complete polo deals information of visitorss such as name of the customers, father' term, computerised internal identity card(Cnic)Telephone stats, relation making use of the prisoner, and time of interview and name of the job interview panel member.

In line with the statement, the last prospects who met dr afridi in the jail on august 28 were his brother jamil afridi, daughter of mewa khan, and his two siblings, ms tayyaba afridi but ms abida salman.

All of them were said to have met him at the office of deputy superintendent jail, where dr afridi meets polo outlet visitors once a month in the existence of officials of the prison amid strict security.

And, the record said that before entering the jail premises, the visitors are well searched at the main entrance of the prison. "Isn't really question that anyone can meet polo brand by ralph lauren with the prisoners without prior approval of the provincial government and officials of the peshawar prison, except a few senior state officials, the report elaborated.

Dr afridi's legal professional, samiullah afridi expressed his ignorance about an interview. "This may rubbish.No person except me, his brother jamil and his two siblings had ever seen him.You won't need to someone else can approach him, he emphasized.

In spite of this, he said if the job interview was genuine it would have been made possible by officials of the prison.Sources close to dr afridi's brother jamil afridi said fox news had recently surveyed him and he had told it about the torture his brother faced when he was in detention of the isi.Both samiullah afridi and jamil afridi feared that the alleged interview could add to dr afridi's ailments.

"How can he give a discussion to an american tv channel and level wholesale ralph lauren women polo such allegations against the isi when he is already in trouble?It seems someone has made a plan the strain complicate his case and create more problems for him and his family, an origin quoting jamil afridi said.

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